Pomade a.k.a /PⱰˈMEɪD/

Around the 1900s, pomade emerged to cater men who maintain themselves regularly. The fact that pomade was basically made of bear’s fat (/lipid) didn’t deter them from keep using pomade. Just when you think ‘bear’s fat’ makes people think that pomade is disgusting and dirty, and it is indeed one of the reasons why they changed pomade’s main ingredients. In 1920, bear’s fat started to be replaced by petroleum jelly, beeswax and lard. The success in combining those three main ingredients put interest in people back then. The significant growth in pomade market caused a big group of pomade businesses to develop. It seems like not only those from the upper class are the only ones to use pomade, as pomade was once a trend among the US soldiers. Later the pomade era was replaced by the long hair trend in the 1970, but came back to live in 2010.

Men’s style back at 1900s

Pomade for Hairstyling

Pomade is a staple in men’s grooming needs, and men start to take care of themselves as much as the women do.

Pomade gives a sleek, clean, tidy, thick and natural wet hair look. The difference between pomade, wax and hair spray is visible from its sleek and thick look. Pomade lasts longer than wax do, but has the same type of finish to the hair.

A lot of people may think that pomade will ruin their hair if they frequently use it, but the truth is that if they maintain and take care of their hair diligently, it will reduce most of the possibilities of their hair getting ruined.

There are a few factors that worry most of the pomade users, basically oil that is contained in the oil-based pomade, which caused some problems on hair. Dry, un-slippery, and coarse hairs are the three main problems that users always worry about. Using the water-based pomade can solve this problem.

Oil-Based Pomade by SMITH

Water-based pomade is another type of pomade that is invented in the past five years. It has less holding power compared to the oil-based. An average oil-based pomade can hold your hair for 2-3 days and water-based pomade could only hold your hair for half a day to 1 day at best and is easier to be washed and cleaned. Water-based pomade is little bit more expensive than the oil-based pomade, but it gives a different kind of comfortable sensation to the hair.

Water-Based Pomade by SMITH

If you have sensitive hair and hair loss problems, then the best solution is to use the water-based pomade, so that if your hair starts to get uncomfortable you can clean the pomade by just washing your hair. On the other hand, if you have healthy and strong hair then you can use both types of pomade, depending on your needs.

In the end, the choice is yours to create the best gentlemen hair that the ladies couldn’t resist.

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