How To Apply Pomade

Since mankind were civilized, style has been an important aspect in everyone’s life. Besides clothes, hair is also a part of the style itself both for men and women. Just as if a woman believe that hair is a precious crown that defines their personality therefore we also believe that a man is not truly a gentleman until they are able to style their hair properly. So here’s a guide in how to styling your hair using one of our products:

1. Choose on of SMITH’s pomade dapper spatter
2. Scoop a proper amount of pomade with your fingertip.
3. Rub thoroughly on both hands and then apply it to your hair
4. Comb your hair gently (this is the tricky part because if you want a great shape of your hair just comb according to your hairline, otherwise you will only waste your time combing frequently and come out with unwanted results)

So that’s it, you now know some little secrets in becoming a better gentleman. We assure you that this guide will help you go through your day without the concern of having a bad hair day. Good luck!

Check our video guideline at our Youtube account: Smith Men Supply or tiny.cc/SMITH (all caps)


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