The Great-Scented Hair Wax’s Launch Party

Have you ever thought about keeping your hair for weekdays without being greasy? Or maybe you hate using pomade for daily just because it’s hard to clean? And so do I. Well regarding to that, this might be the answer for you, for me, for us, because SMITH Men Supply has recently launched their great-scented hair wax called BLACKJACK.

By running an invitation-only launch party at H Gourmet & Vibes attended by public figures, actors/actresses, and buzzers, BLACKJACK was introduced nicely to all guests. The party started from  7 pm with a privilege of free VIP parking for the first 8 guests and then a free dinner and cold drinks while waiting for the presentation by the CEO of SMITH to release the new product.

The next and coolest part is there was some demo by a great hair stylist from BARBERBOX Jakarta applying the newly released hair wax to the hair of some voluntarily invited guest.

After all guests were full of the dishes and satisfied about the information of both product(s) or company, then it’s time for the after party with beats by DJ Cream, DJ Bergas & DJ Irwin until they found the dawn.

Well, since the hair waxy was just released a couple weeks ago, we would like to thank for those who have gotten their hand and hair on ones. By releasing this great-scented hair wax, we are hoping that your hair could accompany you with the greatest shape in your routines without being greasy.

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