Making Good Impression

Guide to Becoming an Impressive Man


Imagine a scenario we may have experienced in our lives; We’re in one of the shopping centers, or a hangout together with friends, co-workers, family, girlfriends, or anyone else. Then there is someone who comes up to you, with a grumpy face, suddenly thrust a brochure while asking for time to explain the product or service they sell.

What happens next? It could be with a grumbling heart that we listen to a boring presentation, but it is certain the edge is clear; we will tend to reject whatever is offered because the impression we capture is too bad for that person.

Bruh, I was on a hangout and all of the sudden, someone asked to hear an unclear presentation, moreover the person is not polite and so grumpy!

Yes, that’s about the grunt that we used to say. Maybe the story seems trivial. But there are important things to be aware of; How important and influential the first impression of one’s future. Not taking long, it only takes a few minutes, or even seconds, until people have an impression on us. Just imagine what happens if the impression we get on us while conducting an interview, or a meeting with a new colleague is bad? We may lose a golden opportunity to live or our business.

So, how could we become a man who is impressive for the environment? Forget the overly convoluted explanation and make sure you remember 3A (Appropriate in Style, Appropriate in Communication, and Appropriate in Attitude) tips from SMITH Men Supply.

  • Appropriate in Style
Appropiate in Style



You want to hold a formal gala dinner networking event, attended by important people who might be able to change your fortune. Are you going to use:

a. Mountain sandals, shorts, sunglasses, colorful singlets, and beach hats, or

b. Shirt (or batik), neatly ironed black trousers, your best shoes, and a bit of perfume (with SMITH Dapper Spatter touch for your hair)

Unless you are a very indifferent person who no longer needs to get recognize by your scopes, then most likely you will choose the option b as the style you use.

Yes, this is the first step to give a good impression, always use clothes that suit the activities or activities that you attended. Always remember, “appearing is not everything, but it all starts from the appearance.) So make sure you take the time to be able to determine what is right to represent yourself without having to salt (costume)

  • Appropriate in Communication
Appropiate in Communication


You look good and fit, people praise your appearance, you feel confident and courage to approach someone you have long wanted to meet. But when you want to introduce yourself a disaster happens. Your voice sounds so loud, your hand’s grip is too tight, and your body can not stop moving until it makes the person uncomfortable with you and decides to walk out. Not a good way to give a positive impression is not it?

Nothing worth comes easy. Be thankful to those who have good showmanship skills to communicate well with others. But for most people, to be memorable, it takes a little practice to do. Of course you know that in general there are 2 (two) types of communication that we use; Verbal and non-verbal communication.

Associated with verbal communication, you must learn to choose the words you want to use. Train your volume at audible but not excessive levels. To be able to communicate verbally well, you must have a broad insight. The goal is that you can provide interesting topics to discuss or deliver. Train non-verbal language is an advanced challenge.

If you feel you have a nonverbal language or commonly called bad body language, then it’s time to practice in front of a mirror or record yourself. Non-verbal language includes posture, and the movements you create. Avoid using body language that makes the impression we close ourselves such as curled up, crossed hands, and so forth.

The easiest tips that you can use to create a good body language is to imagine the person you are going to meet is an old friend you just met after years of not meeting. This method is even suggested by the majority of experts because it is one hack that proved successful melt the tense atmosphere in themselves and make yourself more relaxed.


  • Appropriate in Attitude
Appropiate in Attitude


Above all, having a good attitude or attitude is mandatory to give a positive impression. A real man will be nice to anyone like he is behaving with his closest people. Simple things like opening the door for your colleague, giving a friendly smile instead of a face full of anger, and being a good listener in a conversation are simple, classy attitudes.

Unfortunately, even though everyone understands about this textbook’s knowledge, only a few can implement it. Indeed, the appearance and good communication is enough to give a positive impression to ourselves. But only with a good attitude, all these impressions can survive or even amplify many times more to make us more favored. Nothing is instant in building everything. When we want to make ourselves memorable, then we must be ready to invest. Minimum in terms of time and energy to really do reflection, run the process of empathy so we can understand what others feel when we want to do something.

What do you think? What are your tips to make yourself impressive?

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