Euphoric Night

The night that we have been waiting for is finally near, on the 20th of August 2016, CRAVE event organizer held the finest electronic music party at Fable Fairgrounds, Jakarta. Sponsored by SMITH, who makes the event run perfectly with no problems at all. SMITH helps all gentlemen showing their best look at the event, by giving free SMINI (oil-based pomade in small size) and SMITH lighters just right when they’re passing the entrance table.

EUPHORIC Night for all electronic lovers

As being said that SMITH supports all men to “define your excellence” just like they did at the last event. Lot of youngster change their hairstyle when SMITH gave SMINI to them, and they look more stylish, so do more confident in their looks. Not just helping all men looks, SMITH also widening their wings, because not only Indonesian people who came to the event, but also foreigners.

Alex, one of the lucky guys who got and used SMINI at the event

SMINI become the solution for getting best look in a flash of time


When the crowd coming one-by-one, the DJ started the performance. From the beginning of the show, lots of electronic music type was played. The performance started by Meister G. He successfully embraced all the people to stand on their feet and dance till the night ended.

The crowd is on their feet!

Followed by Billy Taner performance, the dance floor started to get full. LED light being showed off and smoke came out from the roof when the music drops. It gives a euphoric moment for all electronic music lovers.

The LED light makes the event more hype.


From every corner of Jakarta, not just south to east, they gather around to enjoy the EUPHORIC night at Fable Fairgrounds. They look loose and enjoy the night. Forgetting their restlessness work or college life, they were partying with their friends and love ones. That night was bliss, the solution of the crazy routine and never ending works.

SMITH and EUPHORIC being their Happy Pills!

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