Frequently Asked Question

I often do outdoor activities and sweat, what SMITH product fit me best?

  • Our oil based pomade and the hair wax will fit you the best. Our oil based pomade, from Bold Hold, Premium Medium and Fine Shine is waterproof and sweatproof thanks to a mixture of petroleum jelly and microcrystalline wax. The oil based pomade will not fade easily even after you go swimming.
  • Wax does not dissolve that easily with water, even if the hair wax is considered a water based product, the materials inside SMITH’s Black Jack gives a matt and dry texture that will not dissolve right after it’s exposed with water or sweat. Note that the hair wax has less endurance than the pomade.

I often do indoor activities and sweat, what SMITH product fit me best?

  • The water based pomade is made to be used indoor (or in chilled temperature). Our Dapper Spatter will give a strong hold in a cool temperature and is very easy to rinse of.
  • The Blackjack Hairwax is also a considerable option, the matt and dry texture that the wax has will give a nice hold in roo temperature and would still be easy to wash.

I have curly hair, what product should I use?

  • Pomade or any hair styling product will not be able to straighten the hair directly. Pomade can better straighten curly hair, but after usage during the day natural flow of the hair will re-appear. Water-based pomade will straighten curly hair if it is at cold temperatures.
  • Keep in mind that curly hair can not be straightened out by using pomade. Pomade will apply as giving texture and hair regulator.
  • to wash.

Can water based pomade and wax be re-combed after application?

  • Wax and waterbased water based will dry out after some time. Wax can not be combed again after dried because theh have matt texture so it will not be moist like pomade.
  • Waterbased pomade can be combed back after being given a little water so that the hair will soften and it can be styled again.

What are the difference between oil based pomade, water based pomade and hair wax?

  • Oil-based pomade is a mixture of petroleum jelly, microcrystalline and beeswax so that oil based pomade is waterproof and very durable. Oil-based pomade will always be damp and can be combed every time. Oil-based pomade suitable for outdoor activities, but more difficult to remove than other types fatherly.
  • SMITH has three types of pomade oil based, namely, Bold Hold, Premium Medium and Fine shine with Bold hold the highest strength and minimum shine, Premium Medium to medium-level strength and medium shine and Fine Shine with the lowest power and the highest gloss.
  • Our water-based pomade the Dapper Spatter is a mixture of water-based and petroleum jelly are tied with material oil and water mixer. Water-based pomade very easily removed, but can easily be rinsed if exposed to sweat before it dries.
  • Our Hairwax the Black Jack is a water based product that contains mineral oil and is tied with certain substances to mix oil and water. However hair wax provides a drier textre than pomade making it more suitable for daily use.

What are the difference between clay and pomade or hair wax?

The clay is not only for styling, but also maintenance the hair and promotes hair growth. Our Clayton has it active ingredients called Bentonite that could moisturize and detox the hair.

Does using pomade lead to acne production?

  • Pomade does not have any direct relationship with the pimples on the face, but if your hair and face are not washed regularly it is most likely to occur. With the use of pomade oil based, petroleum jelly will probably give more oil that may be exposed to the face.
  • We highly recommend you to wash your hair and face daily to prevent acne.What are the difference between oil based pomade, water based pomade and hair wax?

Are SMITH’s products safe to use?

  • The products of SMITH very safe to use because we use the ingredients of the highest quality and best equipment to process those material.
  • The products of SMITH has also passed the stability test and is certified by the BPOM.

How to clean up pomade after use?

  • Eliminating pomade can be quite troublesome, especially oil based pomade. There are several ways to remove pomade which are:
  1. Shampooing every day after using pomade but this way, the pomade will be cleaned 100% after the third wash.
  2. Use conditioner after washing the hair, conditioner will directly smooth hair, that is no longer rigid and could be felt after one wash.
  3. Use a hair cream ten minutes before washing the hair, after the cream is applied and the time is passed, Wash as usual. Hair cream will dissolve the wax and Vaseline in the hair making it easier washed.