For more than 3 years, we have committed ourselves to make excellent products; excellent pomade, excellent wax, and all of these excellency in our future product. Through those years of hard works, we realize that Smith Men Supply is more than just a product provider. We are more than a company who sell their products. We are more than just a seller. We realize that we are not dedicating this company to make excellent product, but to help our customer find their own definition of excellence, not for anyone but for themselves.

We strive and are still striving to perfecting the concept of our business model, ensuring to give you satisfaction by the whole process you have to gone through to get a piece of Smith’s product.

Gladly, this effort is paid off.

We proudly announce to you that Smith has successfully reach the standards of retails and big supermarket and now available in more than 50 retails and supermarkets. Combined with our other sales channels such as barbershop, resellers and official distributors, Smith has now been sold from Indonesia to Singapore.

Our retailer and supermarket includes AEON Supermarket BSD, Ranch Market and Farmers Market in Jabodetabek and Surabaya, and The FoodHall in Jakarta Area. In the near future we’re hoping to reach all Ranch Market, Farmers Market, and The FoodHall branches across the nation and established another partnership with well-known retailers.

We’re giving our appreciation to all of your support. We promise you that all of this step we’ve taken is to ensure that our products are easier, more convenience, and closer to be found. Thus making us also a step closer to our vision and journey to define what excellency means.

If you have inquiries, suggestions, and interest to become one of our partners, please be open to contact us to [email protected]. Once again, thank you for all of your trust to us. Let’s define our excellency together with Smith.

Warm regards,

Smith Men Supply

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