Global Travel Destination List In 2017

New year, new opportunities. In case the world is getting smaller year-on-year. Which global locales should come top of your list in 2017?
Here we have Travel Destination List for this year:

1. Phu Quoc, Vietnam (1860 km from Jakarta)

Serene white sand beaches with lush green foliage and bright turquoise waters. Go for the views, but stay for the food. Vietnamese cuisine has grown in popularity exponentially in recent years, with restaurants opening all over the Western world trying to emulate the native dishes. But there’s nothing like the real thing – so tuck into Pho, Banh and Bo kho until you pop.

2. Palawan, Philippines (2219 km from Jakarta)

One of the best examples of a relatively untouched paradise, is the best place to explore. With diverse landscapes, complete serenity and some of the best aquatic exploration possibilities in The Philippines, this is the place for you.

3. Cairo, Egypt (8891 km from Jakarta)

You can live like a King in Egypt on a relative pittance for a week or two, holidaying in one of the most beautiful and cultural cities in the Middle East in luxury. Boasting opera houses, a plethora of historical sites and landmarks and some genuinely great nightlife spots (if you know where to look), Cairo could soon rocket to the top of your favorite capital cities.

4. Turin, Italy (11224 km from Jakarta)

With luxuriant Baroque architecture, a rich automotive history and culture – from art to food – to marvel at, Turin is a must. Close to many top Italian ski resorts, too.

5. Girona, Spain (11635 km from Jakarta)

The perfect gateway between a small sunny resort and a city break, Girona will keep you guessing with its maze of traditional back streets, a cultural crash of architectural style and, of course, a massively out of proportion and irrepressibly impressive cathedral.

6. New Orleans, USA (16853 km from Jakarta)

The traditional jazz capital of the United States. It may not be the biggest city in America, or even the most diverse, but it is so steeped in culture that every street will expand your mind further than the last. Enjoy the multiple annual celebrations and festivals which take place in the city, admire the French and Spanish creole architecture and cruise along the mighty Mississippi River. If you want our advice, get there for Mardi Gras.

Source: The Gentleman’s Journal

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