The First SMITH MEN SUPPLY’s Premium Product’s Press Conference

Along with the development of hair style trends, many men are faced with various hairstyles that can support their appearance so they will look more mesmerizing. Meanwhile, undercut hair style is still mostly chosen by most men, but not all the anatomy of the head, face shape and texture of male hair match with this style. As an alternative, in mid-2017, messy hair style with a natural look began to attract many Indonesian men where this hair style brings a simple concept, does not take long when laid out, looks natural and fits with all the anatomy of the head, face shape and texture of male hair. Messy hair style requires different types of hair styling products, because this hairstyle does not require products that can coagulate and polish hair such as pomade or wax products. Therefore, SMITH released its first premium product that can maximize the natural look for men in Indonesia to define their excellence. The active ingredients in Clayton, which is Bentonite, also serves to maintaining and moisturizing male hair, so it not only serves as a hair styling product. By running an invitation-only press conference at Graha HarmoniCLAYTON was introduced nicely to all guests. The conference started from  11 am with the presentation by the CEO of SMITH to release the new product. The next and coolest part is there was some demo by a great hair stylist from BARBERBOX Jakarta applying the newly released premium clay to the hair of some voluntarily invited guest. Well, since the premium clay was just released a couple months ago, we would like to thank for those who have gotten their hand and hair on ones. By releasing this premium products, we are hoping that your hair could accompany you with and bring the best version of yourself.

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