Pomade a.k.a /PⱰˈMEɪD/

Around the 1900s, pomade emerged to cater men who maintain themselves regularly. The fact that pomade was basically made of bear’s fat (/lipid) didn’t deter them from keep using pomade.

How To Apply Pomade

Since mankind were civilized, style has been an important aspect in everyone’s life. Besides clothes, hair is also a part of the style itself both for men and women. Just as if a woman believe that hair is a precious crown that defines their personality…

The Great-Scented Hair Wax’s Launch Party

Have you ever thought about keeping your hair for weekdays without being greasy? Or maybe you hate using pomade for daily just because it’s hard to clean? And so do I. Well regarding to that, this might be the answer for you, for me, for…

Official SMITH Distributor

We need SMITH Men Supply Official Distributor to every region in Indonesia. Distributor Criteria: Experienced and has a good knowledge of the pomade industry Understanding the state of the pomade sales markets in the region