Most Popular Hairstyles in 2017

From cropped and short to slicked back and long, these are the styles of ’17, for what they say that a real gentleman can walk into a room without having to introduce himself, and your hairstyle is one of the first things people will see. So, when you leave your home in the morning, always remember that your hair is the asset of appearance that can make or break your day.

For 2017, there are myriad hairstyles clamouring for popularity, so we’ve carefully clipped off the split ends and spares to give you the top three cuts of the moment.

1. The slick back

It’s Hollywood’s most sought-after trend for men right now, and if you happen to reside anywhere but LA, then you’ll be leading the pack with this style. Blessedly, it’s a hairstyle that doesn’t require a lot of effort, and it doesn’t require any drastic chopping or restyling to achieve this A-list look.


To focus on the length of your top. Avoid giving-in to the idea of trimming the sides into a skin gradient (the aim is to keep a thick bed of hair allover), and ensure that they comb your hair backward, paying careful attention to gradual layering for a tidy finish.

Straighter hair will naturally curl at the ends – which is the intention. Your barber will work with your natural parting lines, but it’s important that the hairstyle doesn’t show a visible parting. Instead, the style should be effortless and not look as though too much time has been spent on styling.


The key here is to use the right product and brush. Pomades provide suitable day-long hold and, more importantly, the right texture – especially when applied to damp hair. Remember, style when damp only. Rub a 10 p-sized amount onto your hands and run through your hair, training the locks backward. A palm brush with dense bristles is ideal (forego the comb, gentlemen) as it covers a larger surface area and sets your hair effectively.

2. The short afro

Synonymous with tightly-coiled, afro hair, it’s a hairstyle that has stood the tests of fleeting trends (unlike the equally-cool 70s Afro). And, whilst we’ve seen the tidy fade on both straight and curly hair, for 2017, we advise foregoing the skin fade in favor for something more casual. The key is to keep hair short and even, whilst regularly neatening the back of the neck, front and sideburns.


For those with afro or very curly hair, ensure the barber does a full comb-out first to get an idea of the full length of your hair before neatening (as curly hair does a great job disguising its true length). For the man’s hair that’s either straight or wavy, the key is to scrunch your hair throughout the entire cut, wash and style process. You may not achieve the tight coils of an Afro, but curly waves are refreshingly youthful nonetheless.


Because Afro hair tends to be naturally drier and prone to frizz, we advise using moisturising products (shampooing, conditioning and hairstyling). The good thing, however, is that shorter hairstyles are favored by many men, simply because it’s less frizzy in the mornings. For straight hair to achieve curls, scrunch-dry your hair and use a styling cream whilst damp. Using a cream rather than a pomade or clay means that your hair won’t ‘set’ and can be reworked throughout the day.

3. The bed hair

Whilst the conservative crowd may not technically class this as a hairstyle per say, it’s a trend that has catapulted in popularity, most likely because the effort needed is extremely minimal. However, gents, before you dispose of your comb for good, it’s worth noting that the ‘bed hair‘ look (artificially created, that is) requires clean hair and the right texturising product. Because no-one in their right mind should be rocking real bed hair – an untamed, greasy mess.


Make me look like I’ve slept through my alarm and have 5 minutes to run out the front door.” Or maybe not. In reality, ask your barber to avoid trimming too tightly, as the best bed head is a tangle of longer, choppier hair. Ensure that your scalp and hair have been thoroughly cleaned, and a swift-non focused blow-dry should be followed by the all important texturising product. In theory, you should be the easiest client for your barber. In practice, that entirely depends on your hair type.


Requiring only a few minutes in front of the mirror, it’s not hard to see why this style is growing in popularity. If you’ve never tried texturising products or salt sprays, they’ll quickly become your trusted go-to for achieving that beachy, bed hair look whilst minimising frizz. A good salt spray will have a moisturiser to counteract the drying effect salts will have on your hair. Simply spray 30 cm away from your damp hair evenly, working through with hands, and pinching strands into place to avoid looking too disheveled. Remember to stay casual and unpolished, hardly any product is really needed – just remember to only ever apply onto clean hair.


Source: The Gentleman’s Journal

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