Hair Powder: Ocean Dust Team NXL>

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Team NXL> is an E-sport team formed since 2005, which originated from young people who meet in internet cafes and have a dream to make a team together and become the best champion in the world.

The NXL> team currently has CS:GO, Hearthstone, Call of Duty Mobile, Auto Chess, Pro Evolution Soccer, Free Fire and one of the senior E-sports teams that have a myriad of achievements from both domestic and international competitions

It has a glowing red color and has a different look with the existing Smith Men Supply product. Ocean Dust Team NXL> x Smith Men Supply is the first E-sports team collaboration that will be presented this month by Smith Men Supply.

Ocean Dust is your choice if you’re looking for an extra hold while enabling you to control throughout the day. The very fine and light-weight powder will volumize limp hair with strong hold. It can also give your hair just that little bit of life to get that fuller and thicker hair look.

Hold: 4/5
Shine: –

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