Smith Active & Oil Based Pomade: Dandruff Buster Shampoo & Choco Loco

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Chocoloco is an oil-based pomade is presented to enhance the sense of sensuality, calmness, comfort, and create the confidence for those who use it. Dark chocolate scent makes Chocoloco a solution for a men to raise their confidence towards their lover.

Hold: 4/5

Shine: 4/5

Smith Active: Dandruff Buster Shampoo is here to complete a range of products for healthy and fresh hair. Lemon extract and a series of other ingredients, are developed into a perfectly curated ingredients for shampoos that are suitable for dandruff scalp.

Smith Active: Dandruff Buster Shampoo provides nutrients to the hair shaft down to the roots, thus moisturizing the scalp for a healthy and dandruff-free locks, maintaining the texture of the scalp, and providing a feeling of freshness.

Since 2013, Smith is known for its hairstyling series, which makes us experienced in combining a wide range of selected high-quality ingredients for all types of male hair.

Size: 235ml

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    We provide products with exceptional quality that best suit the needs and wants of a man. It is not only a matter of good ingredients inside, but there is also our goodwill and promise to you that you are in good hands.


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    Hard Haired, Light Haired, Normal Haired

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