Smith Active & Premium Clay: Dandruff Buster Shampoo & Clayton

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New kid on the block, the premium Clayton is coming to town for the authentic, original and natural man. With its natural ingredients, Clayton makes more volume in you hair with natural matte finish. Our premium clay is naturally healing and stimulating the hair shaft and scalp so its good for men with sensitive skin and scalp and promotes hair growth. Moreover, with medium to high hold and Aigner Nero scents, it ultimately gives your hair structure and stability throughout the day. Clayton makes you being the best version of yourself.

Shine: 1/5

Hold: 5/5

Smith Active: Dandruff Buster Shampoo is here to complete a range of products for healthy and fresh hair. Lemon extract and a series of other ingredients, are developed into a perfectly curated ingredients for shampoos that are suitable for dandruff scalp.

Smith Active: Dandruff Buster Shampoo provides nutrients to the hair shaft down to the roots, thus moisturizing the scalp for a healthy and dandruff-free locks, maintaining the texture of the scalp, and providing a feeling of freshness.

Since 2013, Smith is known for its hairstyling series, which makes us experienced in combining a wide range of selected high-quality ingredients for all types of male hair.

Size: 235ml

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We provide products with exceptional quality that best suit the needs and wants of a man. It is not only a matter of good ingredients inside, but there is also our goodwill and promise to you that you are in good hands.


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Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions8.2 × 8.2 × 2.5 cm
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Hard Haired, Light Haired, Normal Haired


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