SAGA 2016 – Beutifille The Identity of Minimalism

Modeling highlights the beauty of fashion designs and allows designers to showcase their talents. Through fashion shows and photo shoots, fashion design creations can look stunning and alive worn by attractive female and male models.

London School of Public Relations develops the talents of young models by holding their modeling competition for the 9th time this year, called SAGA 2016 with Beautifille – the identity of minimalism as its theme. You can say that minimalism is often times associated with monochrome (black and white), but this time, pastel colors are focused on. “You can see the minimalism in the clothes, make up and stage decoration”, Tyas, one of the committee of SAGA 2016 said.

Anthony, one of the Finalist



The minimalism portrayed is not simply inspired by the trend these days, but it has a deep meaning behind it. “Here, women don’t only showcase their feminine sides as women, but can also play the role of men; meaning that they can showcase their masculine side and also conversely for males”, Tyas mentions shortly as she explains the meaning behind the theme.



An event cannot go on without the support of others. Partnerships with the media, as well as various businesses, allowed SAGA 2016 to run smoothly like the committee expected. SMITH was one of the businesses that contributed towards the event. SMITH’s products were used by the finalists, making them look outstanding and well dressed.

Men Finalist of SAGA 2016


The event went on smoothly despite the short delay of around 30 minutes in the beginning. A DJ performance and the screening of a short video of the various designers marked the start of the opening of SAGA 2016.



Then, the finalists started showing their expertise in the catwalk while wearing clothing by various designers. A contemporary dance performance by LSPR dancers also made the atmosphere more cheerful. Moreover, the seniors and juniors also had their part in the event’s run down.

Dance Performance at SAGA 2016


The Seniors


One of the four judges, Michael Kools helped in making the final decision of the winner for the modeling competition. Michael Kools also said that he had worked with one of the finalists in a photo and video shoot in the past.



In every competition, there will always be a winner and those who didn’t win this year showed really high sportsmanship. Hilfi Lizzia, who was born in Jakarta on May 12th 1995, got the 1st place in Female category and best photo. In the Male category, 23 year old, Kenja Hizkia won in two categories, 1st Place in Male Category and Best Catwalk. In the past he already has many experiences, which includes being a Top 10 Finalist in the Nylon Faceoff 2016.

SAGA 2016 – Beutifille The Identity of Minimalism was a success this year and we are looking forward to the next event.

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