SMITH at Localfest 6.0

The biggest urban creative festival, LocalFest has been held for the sixth time this year on 22nd-25th September 2016 at Exhibition Hall, Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, Central Jakarta. With their fresh and bold concept, LocalFest bring out the greatest local potentials of Indonesia’s younger creative generation from fashion, culinary, art, music, film screening and talkshow. The objective of the festival is to giving a chance for people who are interested in creative industry, so they could interact with new emerging talent and newcomers creative mind.

LocalFest 6.0, the biggest urban creative festival



Followed by more than 80 fashion tenant, 30 food and beverage  tenant and music performances, Smith was participating in LocalFest 6.0 to spread its wings to define your excellence to urban youngster through LocalFest and we are welcome to interact about local brand from Indonesia.

Smith Men Supply Is A Perfect Complementer for Your Style



There was something special about Smith’s booth in LocalFest, that we put a little sneak peak for our upcoming project about Defining Your Smith. That every man has their own style, and hair is one of the style indicator, so every Smith product has their own personality. Moreover, we decorated our booth by divided every personality that every product has into every corner of our booth.

Smith’s Booth At LocalFest 6.0



LocalFest is a regular event twice a year and has been a meeting point for local creativepreneur. From this event, people could directly seeing the masterpieces and the works of the nation from every medium and creativity.

A Smith A Day, Keeps Your Class Within All Day

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