“Be careful, Man, pomade can make your hair fall out” or “Gee, I got some pimples, definitely because I use pomade often!”

Looks like those two things are the usual rumors and statements that we often hear in everyday life isn’t?

Things like this are true at first glance, how come, blaming the chemicals we use is the easiest thing we can do rather than blame other things. Many possibilities can be a major cause of damage to hair and skin health such as irregular eating patterns, unbalanced nutritional intake, or even lack of personal hygiene. Due to the fact, there is no research that explicitly mentions that grooming products such as pomades on damage to hair and scalp for the long term.

It is not entirely wrong to say that the products we use daily contribute to skin and hair problems. However, we must understand the facts of the impact of using the product so that we can respond and use it more wisely to minimize adverse impacts. Here are the things you should look for when buying a hair product.

Response To The Use Of Products Is Different For Everyone

It’s the duty of the body to respond to whatever happens to us, including when we use external products, regardless of their form. It also applies when we use pomade. For oil-based pomade users, there are some cases where the body responds to it as excess oil production which eventually leads to overly dry skin. But not infrequently also happens exactly the opposite where the end of the body to produce more oil after the use of pomade that can lead to acne or oily skin.

The thing to realize is that the body sometimes needs adjustment when using a new product before finally returning to work normally. During the adjustment period you may experience some symptoms or drawbacks in the form of the appearance of acne, the skin becomes too oily and so on. However, often these symptoms will disappear with the use of periodic pomade. So, when you use pomade and acne, it does not mean you can not use pomade, but maybe your body just need a longer adjustment.

Always Remember: Too Much Is Not Good

Whatever pomade you use, excessive use will be bad for the user. Simple example; Drinking too much water can be bad for the kidneys or at least make the body uncomfortable because of excessive bloating in the abdomen. This analogy is the same as the use of pomade. Remember, a gentleman is able to measure needs appropriately and is not excessive to look character.

Keep Hair and Scalp Clean: Periodically Clean Your Hair

Whether or not a pomade user is an obligation for a person to continue to pay attention to hair and scalp hygiene. Daily activities alone can make the hair shell become damaged by dirt, pollution, or sweat. Just imagine the whole thing coupled with a pomade that is coating hair, will certainly make the dirt more easily settles on your scalp. Perhaps for economic reasons you do not want to rinse especially those using oil-based pomade, but it is recommended that at least you keep shampooing regularly using shampoos that match your skin condition. Some other things you can do is not to use a comb together and wash the comb with warm water after a while. Surely your health is far more valuable than for the saving that is not right?

Pay attention to Product’s Expired Time

Actually it’s the basic thing we’re used to listening to but we’ll be reminded again; Check the date of the custody of the product to be purchased. Pomade or other hair products are chemical products that have a certain lifespan before they are ultimately unfit for use. If the product does not have a date date, then look at the production date and add approximately 2 years from the date of production. But this way we do not recommend considering each production process has a uniqueness and not necessarily the same with each other, as well as the durability of the product. We are confident that today all product manufacturers will strive to continue to control the deployment of its products, but it would be better if you as a consumer are also careful when buying a product.

Recognize Materials Used

Never buy a product whose packaging is damaged, as it allows contamination. Full-stop. No exceptions.

Pay attention to Product Reviews

You must be wondering, why review? Because the review is often directly proportional to the interaction and quality of the product. Yes! Reviews provided by users, social media activities, and product packaging can show the quality of the product itself. You certainly also feel more confident when the product of your choice to get a positive review or ensure ease of interacting with the personnel, is not it? For that, for safety and convenience, we recommend buying products that are manufactured with dedication to make it easy for you, not just focus on sales.

Use Certified and Re-standardized Products

In general, the use of pomade products is not proven to have a long-term negative impact on users, especially for pomade that has met the prevailing health and regulatory standards. This is the importance of the user to pay more attention to the standardization of pomade products to be purchased. You may consider purchasing products that have been certified by BPOM (Food and Drug Supervisory Agency) as they have undergone a series of rigorous process control processes from production to materials used to ensure that the product complies with State standards and safe to use. For SMITH itself, BPOM certification is an obligation that must be fulfilled to ensure the feasibility of the quality of the products we sell.

SMITH Men Supply believes that the best version of a person is reflected in the way he behaves and presents himself. Smart product selection is one of your steps to achieve that. Rest assured that small research you do can make a big difference in the future.

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  1. Good day! Are there hypoallergenic pomades for sensitive scalp? Recently, I have these problems concerning itching and dandruff every time I use pomades (oil based and water based). Neither of the two works well on me.

    1. admin says:

      Hi, good day to you, Sir. Regarding the sensitivity of your scalp, we recommend one of our product, Clayton. It has active ingredients that are both safe and good for long term treatment of scalp and hair foliage. We highly appreciate your input and we constantly try to achieve the best for our customers regarding their reception of our products. We hope that our customers can enjoy products that are both safe and useful for them.

      1. Thank you. I highly appreciate your suggestion and early reply since I’ve been wanting to try pomades. I’m glad you have this product especially for those who have sensitive scalp like me. I’d be glad to recommend your products to my friends.

  2. Jaime Gonzalez says:

    Is there a list of pomades you can list for me that are unhealthy, and also list some healthy ones? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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