Unboxing SMITH’s Pomade: Oil Based

The Magic Material of SMITH’s Oil-Based Pomade

What Makes A Product, Special?

Surely there are many versions of the answer to that question. Some will answer the product is the best product with the best quality. Some will answer a special product that is able to answer the needs appropriately. Some others will answer a special product is a product with an affordable price.

For SMITH Men Supply, what makes a product special is when given by the product is a real benefit to its users. Both in terms of quality, price, accuracy of these products in meeting the needs of consumers or other dimensions. This is a dedication that is firmly held when SMITH Men Supply decides to develop its products. Dedication to always use a special material in creating a special product with a special price too.

No exception for SMITH Men Supply‘s first product, Oil-Based Pomade consisting of Fine Shine, Premium Medium, and Bold Hold. The main basic ingredients used in the three products (please confirm by viewing the packaging on each SMITH Oil-Based product) are:

  • White Petroleum Jelly – A blend of mineral oil, paraffin, and hydrocarbon. Serves to soften and moisturize the hair, and remove dead skin on the head.
  • Cera Alba – A type of Beeswax or natural wax produced by Apis bee genus. If used Cera Alba makes a protective coating that can soften and protect the hair so that moisture is maintained and protected from contamination.
  • Virgin Coconut Oil – anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, prevents dandruff, and maintains protein in hair to keep it radiant and healthy.
  • Castor Oil – Serves as a conditioner capable of reducing dandruff, hair dyeing, and protecting the scalp from a yeast infection.
  • Other ingredients are dyes, and chemical fragrance that has been checked and certified is safe and harmless to use.

SMITH Men Supply wants to ensure that our users get the best to be able to define themselves. This is the reason why we will always strive to grow and deliver the best products in the market.

Do some research and identify the products you use. A simple research can have a big positive impact on you. Remember, the best version of yourself can be radiated through the selection of the best products. So always use the product with the best material you think.


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